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New Computers

A lot of the larger retail chain stores, that sell case style pc computers, simply get them supplied from large brand name distributors.
such as HP (Hewlard and Pakard), Acer, IBM, and many others.

Many of the parts we use to build our computers are exactly the same as the name brand suppliers,
This includes hard drives, memory, cpu etc and in a lot of cases the mainboard and power supplies as well.

Our computers, are built to standard industry sizes and specifictaions.
Very often the name brand suppliers have special non standard mainboards and power supplies, and somtimes other parts as well designed specifically,
to fit and work with their case designs. Which can make it difficult and expensive to obtain the part should it need to be repaired.

The mainboard, power supplies and cases, we use in our new pc's are built to industry standards, regarding size and compatibility.
This means, they are easy to source a replacement part, quickly and at a reasonble price if a repair is needed.

We can also move your data from your old pc, and install extra programs you may need.

Here at ABC computers because we build computers, to a customers required specification as needed.
We can of course install any other programs you require, and transfer data including your email from your old pc.
We can even supply an onsite service to have your new pc, setup with your printer and internet at home or business ready for you to use.
All you have to do is turn it on.