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Computer Repairs and New Computers

We are often asked what Computer services do we provide ?
In other words, quite simply, what most people want to know is can we fix your computer problem ?
In most cases the answer is yes.
So here is a short summary of the services we can do for you.

The main service we provide is repair for all types of computers, both desktop and laptops.
This also includes Windows software repairs and virus-malware removal.

Can we fix your pc, or laptop ? Maybe it's running slow, or not at all, or perhaps
the laptop screen is broken. The answer is generally yes, we can fix it.
The next most common question that we all want to know is how much will it cost ? Read More

Our other main area of expertise is the building of new pc computers.
We will build and supplly new computers, from desktop pc's, gaming pc's to Windows Server systems,
Our computers are just like the big name brand stores, but there is a difference. Read More

Are there any other IT services we provide ?

We also provide onsite service, for both business and the home.
We can fix, your business network problems, email problems, or home internets issues, just to name a few
of the problems we attend to on a daily basis.
We can also provide a pickup service for repairs, if you cannot bring your pc into the workshop and that repair cannot be completed onsite.
We can setup your new printer or pc, in your home or business.
We have even been known on the rare occasion to setup the ocassional record player and other such exoctic devices.
Just ask us we are only too happy to discuss whatever technical service you may require.