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Residential. Virus and Spyware Removal

Does your computer have anoying web pop ups, that tell you that you have many virus infections , or does your computer stop doing anything for minutes at a time ?

These are the classic symptons of Viruses and malware infections. We can thoroughly clean your pc and get things back on the track agian. We can upgrade your Anti-Virus program with some of the best available Virus software solutions at very reasonable prices.

Is your internet browsing painfully slow?

A number of issues can effect your internet speed. The main ones being WAN (internet) connection speed, web browser addons and security software using up your pc's resourses. Have your pc checked for speed hogging software, viruses and malware, or have an onsite call to check the security of your wireless setup and stop niegbours using your wireless network and internet connection.

Virus Removal

  • Highly sucessfull removal methods
  • Latest scanning techniques
  • We succeed

Spyware Removal

  • Remove unwanted Spyware pop-ups
  • Speed up your computer
  • Remove security risks

Wireless Networking

  • Secure your wireless network
  • Protect your information

Hardware Upgrade

  • System RAM Upgrades
  • Install Speedy SSD Drives
  • Accelerate Gaming with updated Graphics
Are your kids fighting over the one computer or are your kid's doing schoolwork on your computer all the time?

Why not consider purchasing a second computer? A cost effective refurbished second hand pc or refurbished laptop maybe what you need to restore harmony in the home, at an affordable price.

Does your computer take a long time to boot
and operates slowly?
Is your hard drive's capacity full?

Why not consider purchasing a new computer?

We are offering three years warranty on new PC's

Computer Networking And Consulting

Network Support

What does it cost your business in time and money, when your systems go down ?
Let us take care of the stress and frustration. Our onsite maintenance of network systems combined with our expertise will ensure you're back online in no time. A highly experienced consultant will assess your IT computer system needs, and also advise a sensible backup and disaster recovery strategy at your workplace, at a time if your choosing.

Server Installation, Configuration, and Support

Are your systems designed for ease of maintenance, reliablity, short term and long term changes to your business ?
Let us streamline them for you by building a proffesional business computer network to improve your companies IT efficiency.

Computer system Support

Are your computer systems keeping up with your business?
Slow and unreliabe performance could mean frustrations for your staff and delays for your customers. We can provide ways to improve your present system and provide onsite maintenance at a surprisingly low cost.

For Immediate Onsite Support

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We'll show you how we can take the complexity of running your IT and present computer systems and turn them into an easy to manage asset of your business, so you can focus on your core business, not on your computers .


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